I am on a mission to champion equity for all in life, work and community. Throughout my career, I have pioneered industry-leading programs to help the marginalized underdog gain breakthrough access to opportunities. I have led diversity and inclusion initiatives at some of the world’s best and largest companies. And through those efforts, I am humbled and honored for the opportunity to have left a positive imprint on countless individuals within those organizations.

I owe so much to my tribe that helped me level up . . . I’ve tagged many of you in the comments for the impact you’ve had on my life and career. I was fortunate to be surrounded by leaders who inspired me, peers who supported me, mentors who guided me and sponsors who went to bat for me in those pivotal moments “behind closed doors”.

Career success is even more challenging today. Not only do you need a strong community, you need an entrepreneurial mindset, agile leaderships skills and cutting-edge expertise to dominate in the digital age.

For some time now, I’ve felt a calling to share this knowledge, the insights and programming with a larger community of people in order to help them accelerate their success and go further and faster than I did!

That’s why I am excited to announce the official launch of Beyond Barriers – a global leadership development platform on a mission to help women accelerate success. I have taken that leap of faith and am putting all of my energy in Beyond Barriers to unleash future-ready female leaders.

I invite you to join me on this mission. In the comments below, nominate yourself or someone who inspires you to be a guest on the podcast and share “pearls of wisdom” to help our women professionals rise up in their careers.

Visit https://www.iambeyondbarriers.com/ to learn more about our vision for an inclusive and innovative workplace.