What would you do if you earned a seat at the table, but you struggled to belong or simply feel welcomed in the conversation? Recent research from the Center for Talent Innovation found that exclusion is a growing issue. And, that more than 40% of those surveyed feel isolated in the workplace. Now, imagine being the “only one” on a team or in a meeting and not feeling as though you belong, or worse, “not being heard”.

In this episode, Melonie Parker, Chief Diversity Officer at Google, shares her career journey over the years as she learned to navigate the male-dominated corporate ladder, reclaim and step into her power, and become a passionate thought leader and an advocate for change.

Melonie is an HR executive committed to innovative, relevant, and contemporary HR leadership. She is responsible for advancing Google’s employee engagement strategy across Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. Additionally, Melonie serves as a Minority in Energy Initiative Champion for the Department of Energy.