How would you feel if you knew your manager had your back? What if they lifted you up and shined a light on your accomplishments? What if they were willing to do whatever it takes to give everyone a level playing field?

Servant leadership is all about leading by lifting others. Our guest is Tami Rosen and she is that kind of leader. She believes that leaders don’t go far if they leave others behind. Throughout her career, Tami has fought for the underdog and paved the way for others to get ahead, inspiring them to do more, learn more and become more.

In this episode, Tami shares her perspective on leadership, contribution and impact.

Tami is currently the Chief People Officer at Atlassian where she is responsible for the attraction, engagement, development, and experience of Atlassian’s most important asset –its people. Prior to Atlassian, Tami has held leadership roles at Goldman Sachs, Apple, and has served as the first Chief People Officer for both Quora and Luminar Technologies. Tami brings an agile philosophy to all aspects of people operations.