Have you asked yourself and really thought about what distinguishes you from everyone else? What is your unique value proposition? If you don’t know the answer to these questions or if you don’t know how to articulate your story in a compelling way, then you’re limiting your career opportunities.

In this episode, our guest, Sandra Lopez, Vice President for Intel Sports, shares how she turned an ordinary career into an extraordinary one when she finally answered these questions posed by her colleague. Sandra realized that she wasn’t embracing the characteristics and strengths that made her unique and stand out from the crowd of talent around her. This set her on a path to discovery, self-reflection and taking action.

In Sandra’s current role as VP for Intel Sports, she is responsible for partnering with the sports and media industry to provide the future fans with the next generation of immersive media experiences. Sandra leads a team that is focused on leading the business, marketing and market development efforts of Intel Sports and Studios. She is also the co-chair of the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on VR/AR/XR. And is dedicated to building the next generation of women leaders.

Over the course of her career, Sandra has received numerous recognitions, including “Most Powerful Women in Tech” (National Diversity Council), “Top Women in Media” (Cynopsis), “Top 10 Latina Executives” (LatinaStyle), and the list goes on.

Prior to joining Intel in 2005, Sandra held various positions at Adobe Systems Inc., Macromedia, Computer Associates International Inc. and several other technology companies.