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In a digitally disruptive world, it’s not just about the survival of the fittest, it’s about survival of the fastest. The World Economic Forum estimates that closing the gender gap with economic parity for women will take 202 years. For women, this massive gap represents loss of opportunity, not just loss of income. Monica believes that the most effective way to close the gender gap is to help more women gain momentum with adaptive strategies, leadership skills and access to resources. That’s why Monica is on a mission to unleash future-ready female leaders who will dominate in the digital age. If you are interested in having Monica speak at your event, please complete this form.

Monica’s Most Popular Media Topics

Paper Clips To Personal Power | How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome
Research indicates that 70-80% of highly successful people feel like frauds and experience intense feelings of unworthiness. People of every demographic suffer with these feelings. However, minorities and women are the hardest hit, affecting their ability to thrive professionally. In this keynote, Monica shares a framework to help diverse professionals turn their barriers into breakthroughs and rise up in their careers.

With Inclusion Anything Is Possible | How To Unlock Innovation
In the age of Artificial Intelligence and automation, diversity is no longer about checking a box or a feel-good thing. It is a business imperative that separates leaders from the laggards. Learn how inclusion fuels product innovation and brand relevance. In this keynote, Monica shares case studies and actionable strategies to help large companies unlock innovation by building equitable and inclusive cultures.

Duct Tape Won’t Fix It | How To Deal With Micro-Aggressions
From toxic managers to toxic cultures, micro-aggressions are rampant in the workplace. Often described as death by a thousand paper cuts, micro-aggressions can slowly destroy self-worth, leading to missed opportunities and stalled careers. In this keynote, Monica shares case studies and actionable strategies to help women and diverse professionals navigate challenges in the workplace, and level up with confidence.

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Praise & Testimonials

“Monica is a fierce advocate for diversity who fuels debate on hot button issues that most leaders avoid. She is a dynamic speaker who moves the audience with her inspiring stories and actionable advice on success in life and business. She is innovative, creative and most of all an amazing role model for the next generation of female leaders.”

Saren Stiegel, The Glow Effect

“Monica sheds light on marginalized communities that remain hidden in the shadows and is fearless in fighting for equity and inclusion. She earns rave reviews for her bold speeches and memorable stories.”

Audrey Bellis, Worthy Women

“Monica is an inspirational leader. She’s a pioneer and an incredible influencer. She sees people for who they are, believes in them and brings out the best in them!”

Jenny Cringle, CPC

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