Are you passionate about diversity, equity and inclusion? Do you courageously say something when you see something happening to you or others that just doesn’t feel right? Or do you feel yourself shying away from it because you don’t know what to do in those moments? How would you like to learn some game-changing strategies that you can implement to help disrupt unconscious and systemic bias?

Our guest, Stacey Gordon, CEO and Chief Diversity Strategist of Rework Work, shares how her journey was led by her passion for diversity, equity and inclusion. After an experience in the corporate world, Stacey decided that she didn’t want to perpetuate the cycle of bad practices that she had witnessed and decided to strike out on her own and work on implementing DEI strategies at companies holistically.

In her role as Executive Advisor and Diversity Strategist, she coaches and counsels executive leaders on DEI strategies for the business while offering a no-nonsense approach to education for the broader employee population. Taking a 360-degree of work, Stacey is the creator of the second most viewed course at LinkedIn learning and has surpassed the milestone of having reached more than 1 million unique learners.

In this episode, Stacey shares her insights on identifying your passion and purpose, navigating systemic biases, and her framework for addressing microaggressions.

Stacey is also a repeat best-selling author, recently releasing UNBIAS: Addressing Unconscious Bias at Work, which is a must-have resource for all employers, managers, and HR professionals seeking to create and sustain healthy, inclusive, and equitable workplace environments.