Do you wake up and head to work every day with the feeling that you are just going through the motions? Have you experienced that nagging feeling that something is missing and that you aren’t living your life’s purpose?

Our guest, Claudia Castellanos, Co-Founder and CEO of Black Mamba Foods, had a successful corporate career but couldn’t shake the feeling that she was meant to do more with her life. To the surprise of her friends, Claudia quit her corporate job to volunteer in Africa in search of her purpose.

In this episode, Claudia shares her story of finding clarity, overcoming her fears and making difficult decisions, leading to the launch of her own business, Black Mamba Foods. Claudia is passionate about Africa and finding ways to develop the continent through sustainable projects that uplift women, considers the inclusion of grassroots communities and protection of the environment.

Black Mamba Foods is a growing brand with a strong social and environmental ethos, based in Eswatini (eh·swaa·ti·nee), that manufactures and distributes specialty food products in Southern Africa and overseas.