How do you learn the secrets to success? Who do you look to for guidance on becoming a better leader? Those are the intangible questions our guest, Selena Rezvani, wanted to answer, not just for herself, but for others. So, she did the smart thing, she asked.

In this episode, Selena shares insights on the lessons she learned from interviewing and asking insightful questions to over 50 top female C-Suite leaders. She shares strategies on overcoming failures and setbacks, tapping into your motivation to help you move forward, and how to stand out as your authentic self.

Selena Rezvani is a recognized leadership consultant, speaker and author, with a mission to help women carve out paths to leadership on their own terms. Selena is the author of two leadership books for professional women – Pushback: How Smart Women Ask—and Stand Up—for What They Want, a bestseller, and The Next Generation of Women Leaders. Selena also has several popular courses on LinkedIn learning and has done a TEDx talk titled “Interrupting gender bias through meeting culture.”